Drone sales push training issue –

With an estimated 400,000 drones being sold every month, and 1,000,000 expected to be sold this holiday season, training is a major concern. Drone training is fairly limited at this point, so most people unpack their drone, charge the battery and try to fly it.

The results? More often than not, new pilots will crash their drone and some cause significant damage to the aircraft or property.

There are companies out there that offer comprehensive training with safety in mind. The issue is that most classes are only a day or two long? What happens when a student leaves the class and tries to fly the drone on their own, after only a few hours of training. And lets be realistic, with multiple students in a class, limited practice time and the short duration of flight time because of battery limitations, how much hands-on training can one person actually receive? These classes give the basics of flying a drone, but don’t allow the time to reinforce what was learned.

That’s where a simulator can come in. After taking the training, students can practice what they learned on the simulator before flying the drone on their own. In the best case, students will practice on the simulator before attempting to fly the drone in class.

Drone safety has come to the forefront because of many high profile incidents around the world. While a drone simulator might not fix all the drone training issues, it can’t hurt either.

No matter what you do, please fly safely. There are a few people out there flying recklessly causing issues for those who are being responsible.

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