Author: jhershcopf

Best Apps for Logging Flights

Do you love traveling but hate the crowds, the delays, and all the check-in/ check-out ordeals? Well, thanks to technology, you can forget all about that. The best apps for logging flights are easy to download, they’ll let you know everything about your flight, including the possible delays, they’ll tell you exactly where you are even midflight and will let… Read more →

Drone World Expo in San Jose November 17-18 –

Drone World Expo – NOVEMBER 17-18, 2015, SAN JOSE, CA – Thought leaders, industry experts and end-users will gather at Drone World Expo in the heart of Silicon Valley to present real-world UAS solutions to your business and environmental challenges. Applications for video and film, photography, agriculture, construction, oil and gas, utilities, security and public safety, mapping and surveying, inspections,… Read more →